Welcome to King Kaylar

First Launched in 2016, as a place you can call home, this site is a quickly growing collective of self-love, advise, beauty & everything King Kaylar.

My goal is to inspire all to find inner peace & and look amazing while doing it. I’m here to make you rich in happiness & self worth, wearing your perfect shade of lipstick. KingKaylar.Com offers you a place to come in order to give opinion, learn something new and in the long run become a better version of you.

This site has a split personality.

Many people visit just to find out what makeup is really worth the hype, from a real person, who isn’t afraid to give a real opinion. You’ll find all stuff makeup & fashion in the Beauty & Fashion part of this page. I’ve recently had many requests and questions from young girls and women all over the world, in regards to self love, relationships & inner peace. In response to this, I decided to create a King Code as a sort of guideline to help you all live your best life. I hope you love it!

I hope I create a spark in at least one person who reads & inspire you to become the best you.

Love, light or kisses (1)